The area is close to Batabari village near Gorumara National Park on the bank of river Murti is also known as Murti (The place). Murti as a place was originally a picnic spot. There is a forest rest house on the bank of the river.

A smchapramari-forest-near-murti-dooarsall bridge over the river will take you to the other side. This side is Chapramari forest and is quite dense. Although there is no forest checkpost here to warn tourists, it is not quite safe to venture into the forests on foot. The Murti river being the most important source of water for the area, wild life sighting especially sighting of Elephant on the riverbed is common.

Murti is a river that originates in the Neora Valley National park and flows through prime tourism area of Dooars before meeting Jaldhaka river. The river reaches the plains at Samsing, further inside Dooars, it divides the continuous stretch of forest of Gorumara. The forest on the left bank being called Chapramari and the forest on the right bank known as Gorumara. Further downstream, it meets river Jaldhaka and enters Bangladesh near Mathabhanga. Inside Bangladesh the Jaldhaka river meets the mighty Brahmaputra.

murti-river-dooarsFrom its origin till it meets Jaldhaka river, Murti is about 80 kms in length. The river is famous due to the number of tourist destinations on its both banks. Almost the entire stretch of the river is dotted with tourist spot with a number of resorts, forest bungalows, picnic spots sprawling besides it. The most famous watchtowers of Gorumara National Park such as Chukchuki, Medla and Jatraprasad are all located overlooking river Murti.